House Of Trade Adjustable Standing Desk Review

House Of Trade Adjustable Standing Desk Review

There are plenty of great ergonomic products out there, but most of them have been designed with a certain type of workspace in mind. For those who need some extra space or work with dual monitors, you’ll find that many of these standard products just don’t have adequate room.

If you’re someone who likes to stretch out when you work but also wants the comfort and support of a standing desk, you’re in luck. House of Trade has made a standing desk with ample room for all of your office gear so you don’t have to suffer any longer.

About The Product

House of Trade makes specialty products for the office and their range of ergonomic supplies give you greater choice. Their standing desk features enough room for dual monitors and the rest of your gear so there’s no need to feel cramped as you work.

Sit To Stand Table

The House of Trade Standing desk allows you to work from sit to stand so you have more room to move, and it comes with plenty of enviable features:

  • Sliding keyboard tray of 24” size for most keyboards
  • Room for two monitors and more
  • 32” wide and 24” deep top tier to give ample space
  • Keyboard tray which pulls out
  • Ships fully assembled and adjusts with ease

This desk is sturdy and solid where you need it to be, but also easy to use. The biggest bonus is how much space you get on top so you can fit two monitors, keyboards, pens, mousepad, and anything else you need without cluttering the area.

The only potential downside with this desk is that some of the reviewers have had problems raising it. According to the manufacturer it should adjust with ease, but it may require a little more effort than that.

How To Get A House Of Trade Standing Desk

Amazon has a great range of ergonomic supplies available, and for a lot cheaper than you’ll find in store. Their price on the House of Trade Standing Desk is very competitive at just under $170, which includes free freight to your door.

The House Of Trade Standing Desk


You’ll get a one year warranty with this desk and a 30-day money back guarantee if it’s not to your immediate liking. There’s nothing to lose giving it a try and everything to gain, especially for your comfort levels.

Final Verdict

If you’re someone who likes a little more space when you work, the House of Trade Standing Desk is your ergonomic dream come true. To add this space giving desk to your office setup, click here to grab one today.

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