Stand Steady Uptrak Standing Desk Review

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We all know the importance of good ergonomics in the workplace, but finding quality supplies that won’t break the bank can be hard to do. Usually, getting something on the budget-friendly side of things means compromising on quality, but it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Thankfully, there are some manufacturers out there that understand we can’t all spend a fortune just to feel good while we work. Stand Steady is one such maker of ergonomic goods and their standing desk is the perfect addition to your workspace that will treat you right at an affordable price.

About The Product

If you hadn’t already guessed from their name, Stand Steady is a company committed to workplace ergonomics. All of their products allow you to work comfortably so that your productivity is at an all-time high, and their Uptrak Standing Desk is a bestseller.

Working At Standing Desk

The Stand Steady Uptrak Standing Desk is perfect for everyone from students to office workers, and anyone who has to use their computer during the day or night. When you choose this budget-friendly option for a standing desk, you’ll be getting:

  • 3-second adjustment with no tools required
  • Enough space for your computer, keyboard, mouse, and mor
  • Small footprint measuring 25 x 18.5 inches
  • Keyboard tray which pulls out
  • Option to sit or stand when using the desk

The best thing about this desk is how well it performs for the price. Just using it once you’d assume it was a lot more expensive than it was because it looks and feels so solid.  It’s easy to assemble and adjust as well, so once you receive your package, you can start using it within minutes.

One small issue that customers had was with the surface of the desk being too slippery. Some people found that their laptop or keyboard slid around and so they had to invest in a pad that would keep it in place. Not a major issue but one that will require some more money being spent, so something to keep in mind.

Buying Advice

There’s no need to visit an expensive office supply store just to get this desk, as Amazon has the Stand Steady Uptrak Standing Desk for less than $100 on their site. This also includes free shipping straight to your door, and for members of Amazon Prime, you’ll receive it within just two days.

Standing Desk By Stand Steady


According to their site, there’s no warranty offered on this desk, so unless there are immediate issues with it when you get it posted, you won’t have any coverage. You’ll need to weigh up whether the low cost is worth it, but according to the reviews, it’s a solidly built desk.

Final Thoughts

There’s no need to spend a fortune just to get quality ergonomic supplies, and the Stand Steady Uptrak Standing Desk has proved that. To get this revolutionary desk for yourself, click here to check them out.

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