Stand Steady X-Elite Pro Standing Desk Review

Stand Steady X-Elite Pro Standing Desk Review

There’s no doubt that having ergonomic office supplies can be full of benefits, but for some of us, the thought of setting them up or adjusting them is enough to put us off. For those who aren’t mechanically minded or have nobody to assist, getting new furniture like this can be a burden, even if it’s been designed to help.

Stand Steady has designed a simple ergonomic desk that allows you to go from sitting to standing with ease. There’s no hard set up and it can be adjusted without any tools, so it’s the perfect choice for those who want minimal effort.

About The Product

Stand Steady is a trusted name in ergonomics and their products are also known for being easy to use. The X-Elite Pro Desk Converter can help you go from a sitting to standing position with your desk with a single flat surface on offer.

Stand Steady X-Elite Pro Standing Desk Review


This converter is placed on top of your regular desk and can be easily adjusted to allow you to sit or stand. The features of the X-Elite Pro make it a top choice for anyone wanting ergonomic support with ease:

  • Three color options of black, cherry, and maple wood
  • Standing heights range from 7 – 16 inches
  • Comes fully assembled from the box
  • The pump-assisted lift takes it up and down in seconds

The best thing about this desk is how easy it is to use, and because it sits atop your standard desk there’s no need to worry about tricky assembly. Powered by a pump, it goes up and down in seconds so you can adjust it all day if you need to.

When you use the desk in the seated position you might find it a little high, depending on your own height. This can be rectified by raising your seat, but you’ll need to make sure the ergonomics are all still correct.

Buying Advice

To get a great price on the X-Elite Pro from Stand Steady and save yourself spending extra on freight, you should head to Amazon for the best deal. Currently, this desk converter is priced at around $175 for the black design option.

X-Elite Pro


Stand Steady gives you an impressive 90 days to try out their products risk-free and return at no extra cost. After that, the desk is covered by a one-year limited warranty. This means you can buy without fear when you invest in the X-Elite Pro.

Final Thoughts

Stand Steady certainly knows what they’re doing when it comes to desk converters, and the X-Elite Pro is one of the best on the market. To get this easy to use and productivity increasing desk converter, click here to check them out today.

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