7 Reasons Why You Should Start Using A Standing Desk ASAP

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Using A Standing Desk ASAP

The standing desk is a relatively new phenomenon in the workplace, but one that’s quickly picking up steam. If you haven’t already got one of these amazing accessories at work you’re missing out of the benefits of standing desk setups.

From mental health to heart disease, there are so many ways that this piece of furniture can help. We’re here to count down the best standing desk benefits that are possible with this one simple device so that you can start benefiting from them today.

#7: They Increase Productivity

You’ve probably noticed already that sitting at your desk all day isn’t the most motivating thing, especially when you’re feeling uncomfortable or strained. The standing desk benefits that are most helpful to workers are that they can improve your productivity and make you more efficient.

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One study showed that workers who stood for four hours a day had no additional typing errors, but were more likely to feel energized and productive doing so.

#6: Depression And Anxiety Reductions

The problems we suffer when sitting down all day don’t just occur to our physical state but our minds as well. Standing has been proven to reduce stress levels and also ward off the consequences of an inactive lifestyle, like depression and anxiety.

Studies have proven that those who are more active are less likely to experience mental health concerns like this and that just 30 minutes of exercise a day can dramatically decrease them.

#5: Weight Loss

Making the choice to stand instead of sit can actually burn more calories, therefore leading to more weight loss. Just one afternoon of sedentary work sitting at a desk burned 170 calories less than when working standing up.

When you total that up over the week, that’s a potential 1,000 extra calories that you’re burning if you choose to stand instead of sit. This is one simple move you can do that won’t feel like a lot of work but will have a whole lot of impact.

#4: Reduced Risk Of Disease

There are so many diseases, injuries, and illnesses that come about as a result of sitting down all day. Making the simple switch to a stand-up desk means you’ll eliminate the risk of these happening to you.

Research has shown that people who sit a lot during the day and night are more likely to suffer from diabetes, heart disease, and early death. All of this can be solved with a stand-up desk, along with all of the other benefits they offer.

#3: More Energy

Standing up during the workday rather than sitting down in your chair can actually improve your energy levels. One study found that the participants reported higher rates of energy, less stress, and less fatigue when they were at a stand-up desk, compared to those who were seated.

Who would have thought that being at work would be a great stress reliever? There’s no need to stand all day to benefit either, as just starting with a few hours a day can give you a boost of energy, especially during the afternoon slump.

#2: Better Posture

At any time during the workday, if you pay attention to your posture, you’ll notice just how out of whack it is. Sitting in a chair all day is doing no favors for our spine, and a standing desk can help.

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One of the biggest benefits of standing is that your posture will naturally improve as it goes into this perfectly straight line the second we get out of our seat. The more time we spend standing, the more practice our spine will get, and it’s all possible with a stand-up desk.

#1: Healthier, Happier You

You might not realize just how much power a simple desk can have, but it’s all possible with one of these devices. By simply adding a stand-up desk converter or investing in a complete standing desk, you’ll notice an almost instant shift in your mental and physical wellbeing.

There’s a good reason why offices are now converting their furniture to these ergonomic solutions, and you can be one of the first to benefit from them.

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