Varidesk Height Adjustable Pro Plus Review

Varidesk Height Adjustable Pro Plus Review

Ergonomics are serious business, and for those who take their workplace setup seriously, you’ll be happy to spend a little more to get quality. There are countless products out there today all claiming to offer support, but their low price tags seem to indicate the real level of their quality.

If you’re someone who is happy to spend more to get more, the Varidesk Pro Plus is the best option for a standing desk. Although it might cost a lot more than its competitors, the features, and quality of its build are more than worth the money.

About The Product

Varidesk is the master of sit stand solutions, so it’s no wonder that their Pro Plus Standing Desk is such a popular choice. This is the perfect setup for those who want a larger workspace to fit dual monitors or any other supplies, and it’s one of the highest quality desks around.

Apple Setup On Adjustable Stand Desk

The Varidesk Pro Plus is packed full of features that make it worth the extra money, so if you take a chance to invest in the best, you’ll be getting:

  • Two-tier design with separate level for mouse and keyboard
  • Height adjustable to 11 positions
  • Small footprint measuring 25 x 18.5 inches
  • Spring-loaded lifting mechanism lifts in 3 seconds

The best thing about this desk is how nice it feels, offering true support where you need it. The surface is comfortable, the height adjustments offer 11 different levels, and there’s ample room for all of your things. The downside is that it’s incredibly expensive, sitting at around double the price of most comparable desks.

Buying Advice

To get the best price on the Varidesk Pro Plus, you can head to Amazon to pick one up for around $400. For this price, Amazon also includes free shipping, and if you’re a member of Amazon Prime you’ll enjoy their express shipping option at no extra cost.

Varidesk Height Adjustable Pro Plus


Varidesk also offers a 30-day risk-free trial so you can test out how good this desk is before you commit.

Final Thoughts

For those who can afford to spend a little more on something like the Varidesk Standing Desk, it’s well worth every penny. This ergonomic standing desk is packed full of features and made from the highest grade materials and craftsmanship so would be a good investment for any workplace. Click here to check them out for yourself and get a Varidesk Standing Desk today.

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